Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine - Alex Day


Release year: 2012
Length: 4:04
Type of video: narrative; linear
Themes: dreams and reality; expectations


A young man wakes up in a black and grey bed. He looks away, sighs and covers his face with a pillow. His shirt matches the sheets' color. Then he looks out the window and walks outside.
He now has a yellow shirt with a smiley face, everything is bright. He begins to walk happily as someone approaches and give him a cupcake. Someone else scares him and he drops the cupcake. Immediately, another person jumps from a corner and throws confetti at him. He sees his college mates and they greet him and carry him on their shoulders.
He sees his first crush, his holiday mates, his grandparents. Then, his mates drop him on the floor and he has to face his two ex-girlfriends. They pull him forward and reveal his current girlfriend with petal roses. They dance together and then everyone else joins. It turns into a party.

Our boy gets a letter and opens it. It reads: STAND IN YOUR LIGHT. People cheer on him.
Now he's back in his bed, grey colors. He walks out: there's no one outside. He sees a paper on the floor and picks it up: a similar letter, but torn down, dirty and the handwriting in this is shoddy. He smiles and breaks into dance.


The young man wakes up gloomy and sad. He daydreams about how his perfect day could go, about how happy he could be with all the people he knows and loves. He imagines his friends cheering on him, hiw ex-girlfriends accepting his new relationship and even encouraging it, he imagines how he could be spending a romantic time with his girlfriend and having a party with his loved ones. He comes back to reality, but it just doesn't seem as bright as his dreams, it doesn't exactly meet his expectations. He, then, realizes that even if things are not as excellent and bright as we expect them to, good things still happen in reality, we can all be happy and we all have a chance to rejoice in our own inner brightness.


Black and Grey: Represent sadness, mourning, gloom
Yellow: Happiness, the color of the sun, bright horizons
Party: Happy times

In Conclusion

The music video for Alex Day's "Good Morning Sunshine" is about how expectations may not always be fully met in reality. Dreams are always bright and colorful, real life may seem grey and dull in comparison. Still, we all have a chance to shine under the light of our success, we all can find a bit of sunshine to make everything better. 

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